Beluga World - Guangzhou Dodo Bird Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

Beluga World is located in the urban commercial complex, is based on the original marine fairy tale. It is represented by the fairy tale protagonist Dabai Whale. It is a family consumption unit centered on children under 12 years old. It provides facilities, theme catering and theme one-stop service of goods and theme activities. The Beluga World is planned and built by Dalian Shengya Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd., which operates under the White Whale World Management Co., Ltd. and is headquartered in Dalian, Liaoning.

With the history of becoming a children theme park, they always used kids riding and parent-child amusement game machine. But the market is constantly changing, so they have to find a way to change their operation model. Finally we arrived in an agreement to develop their new model.

Now The Beluga World is a home entertainment center tailored for children and parents under the age of 12. The average area of a single store is about 2000m2, and the products and services provided are "4+2+1". "4" refers to four types of entertainment facilities: software amusement parks, motorized amusement equipment, multimedia amusement equipment, and video game equipment; "2" refers to two services: theme goods and theme catering. "1" refers to the theme activities of teaching and learning. "4+2+1" plus a safe and secure environment, a fantastic fairy tale atmosphere, fun and thoughtful role-based services, thoughtful and thoughtful attention to the parental experience, and the concept of focusing on children's physical and mental health. Let the children play happily and healthily, and parents can enjoy the joy of being with the children with ease and enjoyment.

Making children play happily and grow healthily is our goal to invent suitable game machine. Providing our help for you to make your spot get more money and make players enjoy the phenomenon in your theme park.