Tom’s World - Guangzhou Dodo Bird Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

Founded in Taiwan in 1982, Tom’s World has been the first brand of indoor theme parks in Taiwan for 33 years. Since 1995, it has penetrated the mainland China and the Philippines market, and has continued to deepen its operations and win the same consumers at home and abroad. sure. After years of market competition, Tom’s World has always maintained the same persistence and efforts, and is more active towards the business philosophy of “City Leisure, Parent-child Fun, Puzzle Fun, Warm and Healthy”.

With the same philosophy towards players, we are willing to have the cooperation with them. Introducing our hot-selling products and showing our company culture to them made them more convincing with us. And then we moved to sign a contract to buy two pieces to test Taiwan market reaction. After packing and delivery the game machine arrived their spot, our skilled technician helped them to install the machinery and taught them how to operate it with the reasonable plan. After two months testing, the market information is fed back to our company. It was popular in their players and have a high profit for their spot. So they put our product on their standard purchasing list with each new-open spot.

Everything is centered on customer needs. Providing high quality and high profit game machine for you and makes your customers enjoy fun in your spot is our aim.