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Huawei unveils high-performance CPU for you to Choose

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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd unveiled a high-performance chip for servers on Monday as part of its broader push to expand presence in the semiconductor sector.

The move also marks that Huawei has joined players including Qualcomm Inc to build server chips based on the ARM architecture for data centers, a booming market dominated by Intel's x86-based processors.

Huawei's ARM-based central processing unit, called Kunpeng 920, is designed to better meet the exponentially growing demand for bigger computing capabilities while slashing power consumption.

Xu Wenwei, chief strategy marketing officer of Huawei, said no single architecture can meet all computing demands and that the company aims to move toward a more diversified computing power world.

"Kunpeng 920 is arguably the world's best high-performance ARM-based CPU," Xu said. "From this moment on, the saying that ARM design can't offer strong computing capabilities becomes invalid."

According to the company, the CPU will not be sold as a standalone product. Instead, Huawei unveiled a string of TaiShan servers powered by the CPU on Monday.

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