The First AEGAE EXPO in Thailand Bongkok During August 21th-23th - Guangzhou Dodo Bird Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

The First AEGAE EXPO in Thailand Bongkok During August 21th-23th

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China and sponsored by the Guangdong Game Industry Association, the first Asian Electronic Game Ride Fair (AEGAE) was solemnly opened in Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Center, Thailand. The exhibition was held from August 21 to 23 with an exhibition area of 6,000 square meters and 111 booths.And our booth was in 9D-07,named Guangzhou Dodobird Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.

This time our company only sent two colleagues to Thailand with our Sea Fish and some gift sample.Only one day for them to decorate the booth to display what we have.Besides, Guangzhou Wahlap technology co., ltd., Guangdong UNIS technology co., ltd., HAHAMA (Thailand), Baokai electronics co., ltd. (Taiwan, China), Guangzhou Zhanhui animation technology co., ltd., Guangzhou Xili animation technology co., ltd., pan Asia music co., ltd., Guangzhou Shenghua animation technology co., ltd., Guangzhou Tongli animation technology co., ltd., Guangzhou xiongxiang animation technology co., ltd. and other more than 60 domestic and foreign game and amusement enterprises participated in the Asian electronic game and amusement equipment fair. Exhibits include theme parks, indoor and outdoor games and amusement equipment, virtual reality 3D products, children's parks and other amusement equipment and related products. Focus on displaying the latest products of the Asian game and amusement industry, promote industrial exchanges and strengthen trade cooperation.

During the exhibition,our company also have a big deal with Fun Pavilion.Mr Konun came to our booth at the last day of the exhibition and showed a big interest with our Sea Fish.Cause it has Thai version,it is suitable for Thailand players to know it clearly.And the Sea Fish is available for 8 players to play together,which is good for spots to collect popularity.After a long chat and test our machine,Mr Konun and his brother come to our booth for the final decision to order our sample---Sea Fish.Congratulation!

What's more,our toys is also popular with our customers. Thought the policy is very strict now in Thailand.The prize game machine is also a big income part for playground. Thanks to Mr Paul ,we make a big deal with you.Looking forward to our long time business to be more strengthened.